Aadhaar Card Download :

Download Aadhaar card online Now .  Aadhaar card download option is now enabled by UIDAI . Eaadhaar card can be downloaded online from Aadhaar official website uidai.gov.in . Aadhaar card download procedure is explained below . Go through it and download your Aadhaar card.


Aadhaar Card :

  • Aadhaar is a 12 digit Number which is being given by UIDAI on behlf of Indian Government .
  • Aadhaar card can be used as an Identity Proof all over India
  • Every Indian can enroll for Aadhaar Card irrespective of the Age .
  • Enrollment of Aadhaar is free .
  • So far there no renewal period for Aadhaar card which indicates it can be used for the total life .

Aadhaar Card Download Steps :

There are few steps in Downloading Aadhaar card Online . Follow below steps to download your Aadhaar Card .


Go to eaadhaar portal of UIDAI . Click On below link to go to eaadhaar portal.

Click Here to go to Eaadhar portal

Step 2 :


In this step you need to enter your details which are in your Aadhaar enrollment receipt . The details are

  1. Aadhaar enrollment number which is of 14 digits printed at top of the left side in enrollment slip
  2. Aadhaar enrollment date printed at top of the right side in your slip in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss format .
  3. Resident name field will be there. Resident name means candidate name .
  4. You will be asked for your pincode. Enter your Pincode .
  5. Enter the security code for security reason

Submit after entering required fields

Step 3 :


If details which are given by you are correct then you will redirected to Mobile confirmation .  In this phase your mobile number will be displayed . Then you will be asked to confirm your mobile number. If that is not your own number then you enter your mobile number of your own .

One message will come to the given number containing 6 Digit number . That is called as OTP(One Time Password ) . You need to enter that 6 digit number to get confirmed  .

AAdhaar OTP

Step 4:

In this step you will see the option to Download your Aadhaar Card .  Click On Download Eaadhaar Card .  You will get one Pdf file . Download that file .


Step 5 :

Now open the PDF file you have downloaded . While opening the file you will be asked for Password . That password is Your Pincode  . Enter that pincode and you will see Aadhaar card.

Step 6 :




 If  any details in your Aadhaar card are wrong then click here to Change them Online .

  Click Here To Download Aadhaar Card