Check Aadhaar Linking Status With Gas And Bank Account Aadhaar Linking

Check Aadhaar Linking Status With Gas And Bank Account Aadhaar Linking

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Aadhaar Linking Status With Gas And Bank :

Aadhaar card has to linked with Gas and Bank to get subsidy of LPG cylinder . Check your Aadhaar linking status with gas and Bank in petroleum ministry  page . Make sure your Aadhaar Linking with Gas and Bank is Successful .


Aadhaar Linking With Gas and Bank  :

To improve the LPG subsidy administration Government of India has introduced a scheme called DBTL ( Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Consumer ) in India . According to the scheme LPG customers can get their LPG cylinder by paying full marker rate and the subsidy which is being given by the Government of India will be directly deposited into customer account .


To be beneficiary of this scheme

*  He/she should posses their Aadhaar Number

*  Should be linked Aadhaar to Gas Connection

* Should posses Bank account which is linked to Aadhaar number

After completing all required steps LPG customer will start getting the subsidy money to their bank account when they book for a Gas cylinder.

According to the DBTL scheme

* Only nine cylinders will be provided at Subsidy . After that govt will not give any subsidy to the cylinders booked by the Customer

* Consumer will get advance for booking the Cylinder .

Check Status Of Aadhaar Linking :

For checking your Aadhaar linking status visit the transparency portal page of your LPG Company.

Follow below steps check  Aadhaar linking status at  Portal page .

Be sure your aadhaar card is linked to Gas and Bank